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The collapsible box
that fits your

With increasingly smaller physical spaces, compact products have become the perfect solution for smart companies.
Industrial Use
Domestic Use
Industrial Use
The Smart Box is a bold resource to be used in storage systems and logistical movements, which allows through its intelligent fitting system:
  • Be disassembled when not used, leading to a 5 x gain of physical space when compared to traditional boxes;

  • Use 100% of the useful area of a standard 1 x 1.20 pallet;

  • Enables mooring.

In addition to all this because it is modular, if there is any damage, only the affected side can be replaced.
Domestic Use
Imagine you have the possibility to easily dismantle any utensil when not used. How much physical space would we gain isn't that true?
The Smart Box came to make your life easier.
Versatile, robust and compact, it can be used for the most varied applications.
So use your creativity and enjoy this novelty.
Optimization of Physical Space and Money
When not used, it can be easily disassembled, using 5 X less physical space than traditional boxes, significantly impacting the costs of return shipping operations.
Palletizing with Mooring
With the modern Soft Click system, you can assemble and dismantle your box with practicality and safety.
With its intelligent fitting system, it can be stacked with mooring. Your cargo much safer.
With its large internal space, it allows to store up to 30 kilos of weight of the most varied type of objects.
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